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If you need a quote simply click here to email us a list of what products and what quantities you would like, and we will email you a quote back.  Then all you need to do is simply approve the price and we will make sure the order is all ready (and chilled if required) to go when you come in to collect it.

Not Sure What to Get?

So you're having a party and aren't sure whether you need 5 cartons of beer or 10, or a few bottles of wine or a few dozen?
Don't concern yourself any longer, email us letting us know what style of function you are having, when the function is and the number of expected guests on we can do the rest for you.  Over the years we have saved our customers considerably by not overcatering, and saved many from the emabarassment of running out during a function.  Party orders are somewhat of a specialty for us, so hesitate no longer, email us  your requirements and let your PALS take care of the rest.

Important things to Consider...

There are several important things to consider when planning an event/function, and at PALS it is our mission to provide the expert assistance with these factors.

  • What time will the function be starting?
    If your function is starting on or around lunch or dinner time remember to consider that your guests are likely to be hungry and/or thirsty when they arrive
  • What is the expected temperature?
    When the weather is hotter you are more likely to find yourself going through more drinks than you may have otherwise expected
  • How long is the event/function?
    Just because you may have a longer function planned does not necessarily mean you will go through a lot more drinks, it is likely that you will find a lot of drinks consumed early at functions and then after some time this slows up significantly


Seasonal Liquor Guide

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PALS can help with all your party needs.



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